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North Korea prepares to launch ICBM.


North Korea prepares to launch ICBM.

North Korea prepares to launch ICBM.

North Korea prepares to launch ICBM.

Pope appoints top Franciscan to Vatican’s religious life department

Lonely in the City: How Manila Mends the Heart.

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Only a beautiful city can repair a broken heart. After having been turned away from my alma mater and missing the opportunity to bid my students adieu and congratulate them on successfully completing high school, I took my loneliness out for a walk.

As usual, most of the crying was done on the train and by the time I reached the last station upon which I was to alight, I wasn’t sure if coming all this way was worth the effort. I risked disappointment and foreignness and being in a city that was so cruel to so many of its inhabitants. I boarded a jeepney, wary and out of sorts–but somehow, Manila embraced me in a way I didn’t ever think possible–especially in broad daylight, when the city itself showed its own scars.

There we were, two vulnerable souls, each seeking refuge in the other. Thank you, Manila, for your…

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Western Desert Journey, Egypt


Geometry & Silence

These photographs document a trekking and 4×4 journey through the Western Desert of Egypt. Starting at Bahariya Oasis we travelled through the Sahara Suda (Black Desert) and Sahara Beida (White Desert) ending up near Farafra. As a compliment to these images I produced a second, more abstract series of photographs entitled “Sahara Sands” from the same trip.

The journey was undertaken with desert explorer Sam McConnell who runs highly recommended adventure travel expeditions to the region in collaboration with Abou Anis of Sub Sinai, off-road driver Khaled, and the bedouin of Bahariya Oasis

Signed limited edition prints of this series are available at £195 each (60x40cm). To purchase please contact me. Larger sizes also available

Edit: I’m delighted that this post is featured in Freshly Pressed. Check out “Glimpses Of Iran” which was Freshly Pressed last year. Thanks for all your likes and comments and follow my Facebook…

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